The HTCA Supervision Program

HTCA Clinical Supervision for Clinical Hypnotherapists

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibres, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.”

― Herman Melville

Practising clinical hypnotherapists will recognise the importance of maintaining contact with like-minded practitioners. To maintain their Private Health Care Provider Number registration, clinical hypnotherapists need to be registered with an accredited Hypnotherapy association. Maintaining this registration requires them to participate in clinical supervision and ongoing professional development.

 Hypnotherapy Training College – Australia provides regular supervision in a relaxed environment with an emphasis on ongoing education and professional development. Our goal is to help clinical hypnotherapists grow personally and professionally.

As clinical supervisors, we have many of essential requirements to fulfil. We will discuss your therapy work with the client and may delve deeper into your methods and approach to helping clients. We’ll provide ongoing insights into the latest research and developments in approaches and techniques which are used in the profession. Importantly, we’re available to assist at times when you feel uncertain about specific client issues or even emergencies.

We provide structured sessions. These sessions can either be one-on-one or group sessions where you will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other therapists.  

Why is the HTCA Supervision program so different?

We understand the time and energy it takes for a Clinical Hypnotherapist to start up and maintain a clinic. Therefore, we are here to help, and we go beyond what is expected.

Monthly contact with the supervisors:

Glynis Bretherton facilitates. individual supervision and group supervision sessions.

Kathryn Hillary facilitates supervision group supervision and if Glynis is unable to facilitate supervision whether individually or group supervision 


As an extra, we offer 30 minutes ‘check-ins’ for the Clinical Hypnotherapist who may want to have a quick chat. 

If you are a member of an association

The HTCA supervision program meets the requirements of all the Australian associations.

What the HTCA supervision program offers you:

  • You will have contact with a supervisor each month. Either individually on the phone or in a group session.  
  • Do not feel isolated, connection is very important. You will meet other Clinical Hypnotherapists while in group supervision.
  • We keep your supervision records, including any professional development courses you complete with Hypnotherapy Training College-Australia. You will not have to worry about record keeping. At the end of each supervision year the records will be emailed to you.  The record card will be completed and signed off by Glynis Bretherton. All you will need to do is add you PD and forward the record card to your association.
  • We organise you! You will receive a calendar 3 months in advance.  The schedule has the dates and times of individual and group supervision. Simply choose a date and time to attend. Our supervisees have permanent times. Mark it down in your diary.

If you are NOT a member of an association

HTCA supervision program can help you as well. We have a special program for those who do not wish to be an association member

  • You will have contact with a supervisor every six – eight weeks in a group situation.
  • Do not feel isolated, contact is very important. You will meet other Clinical Hypnotherapists while in group supervision

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