Are you working in the helping profession?

Hypnotherapy Training College Australia provides a comprehensive practice-based education in hypnotherapy to healthcare professionals.

Our students include psychologists, social workers, teachers, general practitioners, psychotherapists, counsellors, natural therapists, physiotherapist, dentists and this list goes on.

In 2019 we created a unique course for professionals who are currently working in the helping profession and have a master’s in counselling, Psychology and Social Work.

Are you transitioning into a new career?

We also help individuals who are in the process of changing careers. If you do not have a background in the helping profession and you wish to help others, we can help you to help others! Our education includes marketing and in class discussions about ideas to build business.

Founded in 2007 under our previous name of AHATS (Australian Hypnosis and Training Services) our students now number in the thousands and are spread across Australia and overseas. Many have incorporated hypnotherapy into their private practice; others create a private practice and become registered clinical hypnotherapists offering specialised hypnotherapy services to clients.

Our emphasis is on life-long education. We have built a thriving community of current and past students who return for further education, look to us for formal supervision or simply seek the advice of peers in our community to obtain alternative perspectives in relations to issues in their practice.

Our deep commitment is to provide a very practical approach in our education. Our students invariably find our courses play a significant role in advancing their own personal development. New levels of self-awareness equip them for the very rewarding responsibility of helping others overcome personal problems.

The HTCA team have active clinics. Our team of lecturers, administration, assessor and tutors support graduates in continuing to develop professionally through real-world experiences and consistent interaction with clients.

The HTCA head office is on the Gold Coast, Australia. We have rapidly developed over the past few years and now have the capacity to provide distance education through virtual classrooms and other online resources.

We now offer face-to-face courses on Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, India and UAE.