“Glynis, you are the most giving as well as knowledgeable and passionate facilitator…and… I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say a MASSIVE thank you for the face to face training. …with much gratitude x “

Maureen – Counsellor in the prisons NSW

“Thank you HTCA for the professional and in-depth Diploma of Counselling. Thank you – thank you – thank you! I am already using my knowledge to the current work I do. It is helping me in so many ways. ”

Tammy – Clinical Hypnotherapist, private practice, Darwin

“I had an amazing experience with the HTCA. I graduated in July 2018 and have signed up for the supervision program too. I highly recommend the college to anyone thinking of studying hypnotherapy, I’ll be a life- long member for sure. ”

Keeley. Mental Health Care Practitioner, Cairns

Hi Glynis,
I’m writing to say thanks again for the face to face training in Melbourne. Thanks to you guys I have found my calling and am looking forward to what lies ahead. Over the last couple of days, after the euphoria has subsided somewhat, I now realize that I have had a major emotional shift during the training. I think it was the lift trance that you took us through and then the rest on top of that compounded that effect.
I feel calmer and at peace with myself, even my wife has a past comment!
Again, thank you and I look forward to completing my course and meeting up at some of the workshops coming up in the new year.

Barry, Townsville

All good. Thanks again for all your support. Can’t recommend you highly enough. And I do believe my dyslexia was a big part of my lack of confidence. However, after the face to face training I feel so much more confident. “

Cheers Michelle

“I recommend HTCA. Completely awesome! “

“Glynis is an excellent mentor who is not only experienced influencer in the field of hypnotherapy but also extremely insightful person. With her you can be assured to get the best our of your own potential and her curriculum. Thank you Glynis for all the support and handholding “

Komal, India

“Thanks to Glynis and all the participants. A fantastic learning experience. “

Neale Counsellor, Tasmania

“Thank you, Glynis and other participants and revisiting graduates. The relaxed atmosphere and instant rapport among the attendees facilitated a positive and safe learning/development environment. It was a terrific opportunity to share the experience with such a diverse and knowledge, respectful and encouraging group. “

Angela, Psychologist, Gold Coast

“The entire curriculum – the course and the teaching faculty Mrs. Glynis Bretherton, the founder. This is one of a kind institute that teaches a recognised course which is also not common. Experiencing the best way to know. “

Samta Sonu, Mumbai

“Glynis your book is really good. The Mental Health Awareness Course I really enjoyed. The course is well put together and simple to understand”

Igor Clinical Hypnotherapist Melbourne