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Hypnotherapy Training College - Australia is the go-to authority for hypnotherapy and counselling in Brisbane and Gold Coast. We provide our clients with clinical hypnotherapy and counselling sessions for the mind and body. We employ a pragmatic, compassionate approach to execute one-to-one counselling with our clients and find the best solution to cope with their depression, phobia, anxiety, and more. If you are planning for a consultation regarding hypnotherapy in Gold Coast, visit Hypnotherapy Training College for the best assistance.

There are 3 main goals we have when use Clinical Hypnotherapy.

  1. We help our clients become better at helping themselves in their everyday lives.
  2. We help clients manage their problems in living more effectively.
  3. We help clients develop unused or underused opportunities and resources

The therapists of Hypnotherapy Training College  are here to listen. We are interested in your story and helping you rewrite your story for a better outcome.

Glynis Bretherton is a qualified counsellor and clinical hypnotherapist. She is well regarded in her profession. Glynis works from the perspective of solutions focus therapy however has an eclectic approach.

Clients who seek clinical hypnotherapy and counselling want to change the way they think and feel. Research indicates clinical hypnosis and couselling can help create freedom from old, unwanted patterns of behaviour and thinking.   Clinical hypnotherapy can help create positives in the brain.  The is called brain plasticity. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Counselling fee

90 minute  initial consultation  $150

60 minute follow up consultation  $100



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For a prospectus send a request including  contact phone number to:

Email: admin@htca.com.au

Phone: 0431 547 908 (during working hours)

Now a division of:
MindCare Queensland
Biggera Waters Shopping Centre
Hollywell Dve, Labrador.  Gold Coast

Business Hours

Monday  10.00 am to 4.00 pm
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We're accredited

Our courses are accredited by: 

Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia

Australian Hypnotherapists Association