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Glynis Bretherton - Main Lecturer & Supervisor 



Glynis Bretherton is a qualified counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and accredited clinical supervisor of practicing hypnotherapists. She is the director of Hypnotherapy Training College Australia and Q Life Clinics, a hypnotherapy clinic specialising in weight-loss. She is a Clinical Member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association and the Hypnotherapist Council of Australia.

Glynis developed and wrote the courses for a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and  Master of Neuro-Hypnotherapy. These course have both been endorsed by the Australian Hypnotherapist Association and Hypnotherapist Council of Australia. Student who have graduated from her courses now practice hypnotherapy around Australia, in the UK and Germany.

From 2001 to 2008 Glynis ran a counselling and hypnotherapy clinic in Brisbane.  Her work was predominately working with stress related issues within the corporate sector.  At this time Glynis started to develop easy to use methods in handling stress and has since developed a program in stress management.

Glynis's training programs were initially conceived when she was invited to run a workshop with psychologists from Braveheats (Logan and Gold Coast), an organisation devoted to fighting the sexual abuse of children in Australia. The workshop evolved into a small training program to teach counsellors who had an interest in hypnotherapy.  This grew rapidly as Glynis was approached by psychologists and other professionals to teach them individually.  Out of this the diploma and master's training programs were born.

Glynis has presented to business networks and Australian Hypnotherapist Association Queensland. She has also been on talk-back radio discussing Clinical Hypnotherapy and listener’s issues.


Ros Coulstock - Counselling Lecturer & Tutor


Ros has been counselling and life coaching for approximately 30 years

Starting her career in 1984 whilst being employed by a Government Funded Initiative named Skill Share. During the fifteen years as a Teacher and life coach at Skill Share it was her responsibility to develop long term unemployed clients, including homeless youth.  In developing youth she focused on education and assisting them in life skills and gaining employment.

After fifteen years she turned her pasion to helping clients with disabilities.  Her client base was those with challenging behaviours and disabilities, ranging from mentai health issues, physical impairment, intellectual disablilities and austism spectrum disorder.

Ros has a thriving private practice on the Gold Coast.




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