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Hypnotherapy Training College - Australia is the go-to authority for hypnotherapy and counselling in Australia. We provide clients with clinical hypnotherapy and counselling sessions for the mind, body and soul. We employ a solution focused and compassionate approach towards clients.

The hypnotherapist will find the best solution to deal with depression, phobia, anxiety and more. If you are planning for a consultation regarding hypnotherapy contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +614315479908.

There are 3 main goals when the clinical hypnotherapy will work with you

  • Helping clients become better at helping themselves
  • Helping clients to manage their problems
  • Helping client realise their potential and resources

The clinical hypnotherapy will LISTEN to you.

Client seeking clinical hypnotherapy and counselling want to change the way they think and feel. Research indicates clinical hypnosis and counselling can create the environment to change unwanted patterns of behaviour.

Generally speaking, a client will have approximately 5-6 clinical hypnotherapy sessions to create permanent change. However, due to the difference in personalities, lifestyles and client issues, this is only approximate. In the initial hypnotherapy session, the clinical hypnotherapist will be able to give a better indication of the number of sessions.

We suggest if you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, for example, schizophrenia, you contact a psychiatrist or psychologist. It is not advisable to seek hypnotherapy for such mental health illnesses.

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